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Cash for Cars Austin makes it easy for you to turn your old junk car into cash and get it removed from your property to boot. Cash for Cars Austin is a reliable car removal / car disposal company that has been in business for years in the Austin area. The company is trustworthy and reliable. When Cash for Cars provides you a quote, you can completely trust the information you receive. Cash for Cars will arrive at the time pre-scheduled with you and will pay you - in cash - the exact amount agreed upon when you called.

Cash For Cars Austin


The service provided by Cash for Cars cannot be beat. Company personnel will remove your old car at no charge AND will leave you some cash in hand! This is a great way to rid your property of those old cars you never sold or recycled.

Cash for Cars personnel are seasoned professionals. Most of them have worked for the company since its inception. The company's employees can be trusted on your property and can be relied upon to show up on time. Cash for Cars personnel are experienced in car removal. They have passed rigorous background checks and their driving records have been verified by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This means you can trust their ability to pick up your old car from just about anywhere and remove it from your property with skill and precision and zero damage.

To order services from Cash for Cars, simply place a telephone call to the company and provide your address and the type of car (make, model, year, and color) being removed. Give a date and time that is convenient for you. The Cash for Cars removal specialist will arrive within 1 hour of the time agreed. Papers will be signed to transfer title so you are not required to make timely stops at the DMV.

So quit waiting for the right time to sell that old car that hasn't even run in the last year. Call Cash for Cars and profit while junking that old car that's taking up your backyard!

Not In Austin, but still looking to sell your car? We are currently only purchasing vehicles in Austin but we suggest you look online for someone in your local area. We'll give you an example, like if you are in San Diego a good option would be to use Cash for Cars San Diego. Again, we are sorry but at this time we are only servicing Austin and areas nearby if you are not located around here then it is best to do what we suggested and find someone in your area.